About Us




Thanks for taking the time to visit! Since you are here we are guessing you are wondering what we are all about?

At our core we believe that your pet is part of your family, and just like you, we want the best for your pet.

We are a team of pet lovers who are...

  • Passionate about pets
  • Passionate about health
  • Passionate about providing our customers with value

Just like us our pets are all different. They have unique tastes, personalities, physiques, abilities... the list goes on.

To cater for this diversity, all of our products are carefully selected with your pet's mental and physical health at heart. We don't just sell anything for the sake of a sale. Our team thoughtfully research and source to give you access to great healthy pet products at an affordable price.

Our mission is simple... to promote pet health by providing our customers with great pet products.

If your pet's health is important to you then you've come to the right place!